Queen of Oil – Argan Oils

​Hello everyone! So recently I was contacted by Simran Bedi, who works for Queen Of Oil, a company that produce and sell organic argon oils. They sell the argon oils in a range of different scents such as coconut, cherry and citrus. Queen Of Oil also sell argon oil lip balms too, again in a range of different scents. Anyway; Simran so kindly contacted me and asked me if I would try out their products and review them, so of course I said yes! 

I received 4 organic argon oils & a lip balm. The oils I received were:

  • 100% Pure Argon Oil 
  • Coconut Argan Oil
  • Cherry Argan Oil
  • Citrus Argan Oil
  • Cherry Scented, Argan Oil Lip Balm (contains Argan Oil, beeswax, cocoa butter and a flavoured oil)

*(the scented oils are 99% pure argan with a blend of fragrance)

I have tried all of these products in various different ways as recommended by Simran herself.

First of all I’m just briefly going to talk about delivery. As these were sent to me I can’t really comment on the payment process, how easy the website is to use, or how long I had to wait for these items to be delivered. What I can tell you is that I received these just a few days after I was told they were sent out, but I don’t know if that is the same as when you order from the website. I assume that delivery would be fast. These products were delivered to me by Hermes, a company that have always delivered to me on time! So I’m sure delivery will be quick and simple if you do order from the website. 


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