Superdrug – Flutter Collection

It’s that time of year when Superdrug start to bring out lots of cutesy stuff in time for Christmas. I noticed the Flutter collection in there the other day and they have range of products that would make great stocking fillers. I only picked up 3 items because these were the only ones I really fancied. I bought the body scrub, shower gel and bath fizzer. The body scrub was £2, the shower gel was £2 and the bath fizzer was £1. 3 bath/shower products for just a fiver is an absolute bargain in my opinion. 

This is definitely an eye catching collection due to its gorgeous packaging. How cute and girly do these products look? They’re pink for one, and the lid of the body scrub is rose gold. Plus, the packaging have loads of cute cartoon pictures of animals on! Plus this range is cruelty free! 

Flutter Shower Gel

The scent of this shower gel is absolutely gorgeous, it is such a fresh scent and smells similar to Zoella’s Tutti Fruity range, and since you can’t purchase that range anymore, I would definitely suggest this Flutter range as an alternative. The one thing I will say about this shower gel is that it doesn’t lather up very much and you do need to use quite a bit of it to get enough lather to wash with, I tend to use about 3 pumps of the shower gel. I love how this shower gel does have a pump though, it just makes it so much easier to get the product out of the bottle!
Flutter Body Scrub

The scent of this body scrub is the same as the shower gel, very fresh and clean. This is definitely more of a gentle body scrub due to its honey like consistency and makes your skin feel so soft! 

Flutter Bath Fizzer

The dog and the biscuit are just too cute awwwww. This bath fizzer was quite disappointing and didn’t really do much. It took a while to dissolve and didn’t add much fragrance to the bath. The bath colour also didn’t change and the fizzer just sank straight to the bottom of the bath and you couldn’t even feel it fizzing. It was only £1 but still it was a waste and I wouldn’t repurchase this bath fizzer.

These are such a lovely, adorable range of products that I would definitely recommend trying out. These would be perfect little gifts for friends and family at Christmas or even just for yourself! I hope you all enjoyed this post. Have any of you tried the Flutter collection from Superdrug?

R-T x


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