The Body Shop – Fresh Nude Foundation

I came across this foundation when I was on the hunt for a new foundation that was cruelty free. Until I discovered this foundation my favourite had been the LO’real True Match Foundation, this was because it was the only foundation that closely resembled my skin tone. I then made the decision to only purchase makeup that was cruelty free and as we all probably know LO’real are not a cruelty free brand. 

So this foundation is obviously cruelty free, which is great but that doesn’t necessarily mean its good. This foundation isn’t good… It is amazing. I’ve probably mentioned in numerous blog posts that I have ridiculously pale skin and 9/10 times the lightest foundation that a makeup brand has is usually too dark for me. I got this foundation in the shade Chelsea Porcelain which matches my skin tone perfectly.

I paid £15 for this foundation which I thought was a little bit pricey for a 30ml drugstore foundation. However; this foundation is clearly pricey for a reason because I love it and will continue to purchase it. Even though this is only 30ml, the foundation spreads out quite easily and just a little bit goes a long way. I can cover most of my face by only applying a small amount of product. 

It is definitely a natural looking foundation that gives such a healthy glow to my face and provides a flawless, semi-matte finish. It does only have a light coverage and because of that it isn’t particularly good at covering spots. However; this foundation is very buildable and you can apply more layers for more coverage without looking cakey. This foundation feels so light on the skin and doesn’t leave me feeling cakey or like I have a thick layer of foundation on.

This foundation doesn’t claim to be long lasting but I found that one of this foundation’s qualities is that it lasts for hours without looking gross. I will say however; this can make you look very shiny if you suffer with oily skin, this is a big issue for myself. This is a dewy foundation which is why it provides your face with a healthy glow, but is also why it can make you look shiny after a few hours. This is a very hydrating and moisturising foundation which is great because it stops my face from feeling dry after I have taken it off. One thing I will say about this foundation is that it has a lovely scent to it, but I think it is a bit too perfumed which can be quite overpowering when you are applying your makeup.

Overall I do genuinely love this foundation and I highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to trying more products from The Body Shop and I hope they are as good as this foundation was for me. Have you tried any makeup products from The Body Shop? Do you have any of The Body Shop recommendations for me? I’d love to know! Thank you for reading.
R-T x


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