Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette 

This palette was sent from the heavens above. I mean look at it! It has so much to offer and such a variety. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I seriously couldn’t wait to own this palette because the colours are absolutely gorgeous! This post was a long time coming but I want to get a really good use out of it before I put my review together, and believe me I have been so excited to write about this palette.

Considering this is called a “blush” palette I’m not really sure why since the palette consists of highlighters, blushers and bronzers. I have used every shade in this palette but I have 3 favourites. 

My favourites are the silver highlight with gold running through it (Top row, first shade) the shimmery pink blusher with gold highlight (Top row, second shade from the left) and the plain bronzer (Bottom row, fourth from the left). These shades are absolutely stunning! 

I seriously love using the silver highlight as it creates such a gorgeous glow and I honestly feel like a star because it makes me shine so much, although, I probably do wear too much highlight… Wait no, what am I saying? You can never wear “too much highlight” and don’t let anyone tell you different! Mum, this is directed at you. Everyone should just highlight until your hearts content! Okay, where was I? Yeah, I really love the silver highlight. 

Anyway, I’m also a huge fan of the shimmery pink blush that has a golden highlight running through it. The light pink is absolutely stunning and really adds that pretty pink pop of colour to my cheeks. I really love wearing this blush during the summer months. It’s not too brightly coloured and for my awfully pale skin it really does add the right flush of pink, making my skin look glowy, girly and healthy. 

The bronzer that I like so much is a medium toned brown which I mostly like to wear when I have a tan, although it’s never a natural tan. I wouldn’t particularly like to wear this bronzer otherwise as it is a little dark. During the summer months this bronzer is perfect! I apply it around the top of my forehead, below my hairline and then blend it across my whole forehead making sure it gets lighter as it makes its way down my forehead. I apply it down my nose and a little bit on my chin (where the sun usually catches my face) and I also apply it on my temples and down onto my cheekbones. This bronzer really adds shape and definition to my face and making my not so prominent check bones look somewhat defined. I like to use this plain bronzer because the other bronzed shades are also highlighters so I like to keep my bronzer quite plain. 

That’s it for my favourite shades in this palette. I tend to avoid using the bronzed highlighters because I like to use a bronzer on the majority of my face which unfortunately, includes places on my face that I don’t particularly like to highlight, i.e forehead, cheekbones and chin. Therefore two shades in this palette do go untouched. The two shades I don’t use are the two middle shades on the bottom row. I don’t dislike these two shades, in fact they are absolutely beautiful. It’s just my own personal reasons that I don’t use them. 

The only shades left that I haven’t spoke about is the light, bronzed highlight with silver running through it (Bottom row, first shade), the pink blusher with purple and bronze tones running through it (Top row, third from the left) and the light, shimmery bronzer (Top row, fourth from the left). I do use these three shades, just not regularly.

The bronzed highlight is quite light and a lot more subtle compared to the silvery highlight. I tend to wear this one when I’m going for a more natural look and when I don’t feel like being seen from miles away. It is really lovely and gives your face a decent amount of highlight. It’s the perfect highlight to use if you’ve never used a highlighter before and you find the thought of using one a bit daunting.

The pinky/purple toned blusher could have possibly been a favourite, it’s just its not often that I fancy having any purple tones on my cheeks, but when I do fancy this blusher I absolutely love it. It’s just not particularly the type of blusher that I wear on a daily bases, unlike the one to left of it. I do really like the mixture of silver, gold, bronze and purple in this one, the mixture of colours make this blusher a fun one to wear and it really is beautiful.

 It’s fair to say I absolutely adore this palette and I highly recommend it! Revolution Makeup never disappoint. I hope you enjoyed this post, have any of you tried this palette? Until next time…
R-T x


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