July Favourites 

Hello everyone! 

I’m pretty sure we start every monthly favourites post with “Omg! Where did this month go?!”  But seriously, I feel like I blinked and we just jumped from June to August. I actually can’t believe how quickly July started and ended. I didn’t even have chance to try any new makeup products. But that’s okay, I was still able to put this post together regardless!
So, what did I love during July?

1. Zoella – Bath Latte – Bath & Shower Milk

The Zoella Bath Latte has probably been my go to bath product during July. This bath milk smells incredibly sweet but not the type that is overpowering. The scent however does fill the room and leaves the bath room filled with this creamy, rich, indulgent scent of macaroons and almond. It is seriously perfect. There’s no need to light any scented candles when you pour this into the bath because the scent is so lovely and strong on it’s own. I will almost certainly be repurchasing this when it runs out. It also creates fairly decent sized bubbles too, and bubbles that don’t just dissolve in a few minutes. Plus, the packaging is gorgeous and this bottle just looks so pretty and chic when sat in the bathroom cabinet. In fairness, the packaging of the whole range is beautifully elegant and chic. 

2. White, Wooden Jewellery Box

The next item I have been loving in July is this beautiful, white wooden jewellery box that my nan gave to me. It has a lid on top that you pull up which reveals a mirror and 5 compartments that can hold small jewellery. It also has a draw on the bottom of the box with a little, gold draw knob. I really love how plain and simple this jewellery box is and I have actually wanted one like this for a while now. It looks super cute, chic and has a vintage feel to it, I love it!

3. Zoella – Scrubbing Me Softly – Body Scrub 

Oh look, another Zoella product has made it into my July Favourites! Okay so to be honest I was never interested in trying Zoella’s Tutti Fruity range and I only picked this up because it was reduced to £5. The reason this product was reduced is because they are no longer going to be selling the Tutti Fruity range. I didn’t think that I would like anything from this range because I’m not a fan of fruity scents. I deeply regret that now. This range doesn’t smell fruity at all! Instead it smells very fresh, clean and perfumed and I really like it. This scrub is amazing and my skin feels 100 times better after using it. My skin is now really soft and smooth and this body scrub has been a god send. Especially during summer since I love to give my body a good scrub before I apply fake tan. The scent is gorgeous and the product itself is really good and not too harsh on the skin. I’m seriously so disappointed that these will not be restocked anymore. 

4. Miss Sporty – Grey Nail Varnish 

I used to love wearing bright colours on my nails, but recently I’ve been reaching for a more plain nail colour. This grey nail varnish that I got from Miss Sporty has been my favourite. It’s a lovely grey colour and although it’s really plain and basic it looks really nice on and has matched almost every outfit I have worn recently, I tend to wear lots of greys and blacks. Plus, these are cheap to pick up and mine didn’t actually chip for about 3 days, so that was also a nice pro.

5. Tesco – Cleanser & Eye Makeup Remover 

This is just Tesco’s own cleanser and to be honest I don’t really have much to say about this cleanser other than the fact it removes makeup really well! It is really cheap and makes my skin feel lovely and smooth. It is also fragrance free and cruelty free!

6. YouTuber – Gabriella 

You’ll rarely ever see me talk about new YouTubers that I have discovered or loved, and that’s only because I never really branch out and watch other YouTubers. That being said, I seen a few of Gabriella’s tweets being retweeted on to my twitter feed and I thought she was quite funny and straight up my street. That’s when I decided to give her videos a go. I am now extremely happy that I did. I seriously love her videos!! She’s really funny and her personality just shines in her videos. She doesn’t seem at all false either and I feel like her videos are genuinely true and honest and what you see is what you get with her. She doesn’t try to be anyone that she’s not and I really admire her for it. She covers loads of things that I am interested in watching such as Makeup Hauls, Clothes Hauls, Makeup Tutorials, y’know, your standard videos but I really enjoy watching them. I even tweeted her saying how I’ve become a huge fan of her videos and she actually liked my tweet! And yes, I fangirled like hell.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, apologies for it being a little late but at least I uploaded it in the right month! Thank you reading!

R-T x


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