NYX – First Impressions 

Hello guys! After numerous visits to Boots, I was recently very shocked and excited to find that my local boots finally had a NYX counter. After seeing many great reviews and never trying a NYX product myself I couldn’t wait to look at all of the products!

Anyway, whilst I was there as you can imagine the counter was full of young girls. I couldn’t get a look in. I had to just wait near by pretending to look at other counters and wait for my chance to swoop in and take a look myself once some of the girls had moved. I browsed a lot of NYX products and I definitely want to go back again and check them out as I didn’t really get a good look, but at the time I was only focused on looking at one thing in particular, NYX lip products.

I knew I would walk away with at least 2 NYX lip products and 30 hand swatches later I finally found 2 products that I liked. Those were the NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Creme Brûlée and the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Cannes.

Now, after reading plenty of reviews, (all amazing might I add) about NYX lip products, the question is did the two I bought really live up to the great expectations? My short answer, yes and no… one did, one didn’t.

Enough rambling, let’s crack on.

NYX Butter Gloss – Creme Brulee

For me this product was a waste of money and to be honest it was just crap. When I swatched this butter gloss on my hand it was a beautiful light peachy/pink colour and quite pigmented. This was the selling point for me. I thought if it looked this pigmented on the lips as it did on my hand then I have found a real good lip gloss.

Unfortunately that was not the case. When I applied the butter gloss to my lips there was only a subtle hint of colour, but seriously not much at all. All this gloss done was slightly enhance my natural lip colour and just made my natural lips look shiny and wet. The butter gloss was actually very creamy and thick and I felt like I was applying a lip balm to my lips. 

This butter gloss certainly wasn’t long lasting! Honestly, it lasted on my lips for about 20 minutes before it came off completely and needed to be re-applied. It was ridiculous. This butter gloss is honestly like the cheap lip glosses you used to get for free with a magazine when you were like 10 years old. This butter gloss was extremely disappointing for me, but I think the disappointed came from the numerous good reviews I had read about NYX butter glosses. I think my expectations were built up to be quite high. I was looking forward to using this butter gloss when my lips were feeling dry and I fancied a natural makeup look. I most likely won’t reach for this particular lip product again and I certainly won’t be purchasing anymore. Oh well, you live and learn. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Cannes

Out of the 30+ butter gloss and lip cream swatches on my hand, my boyfriend thought that the Cannes Lip Cream was the best colour and I completely agreed. Surprisingly, unlike the butter gloss, this lip cream is very long lasting! It lasts for about 7 hours before needing to be reapplied and even lasts through drinking and eating. This was a huge bonus for me because I’m quite a lazy person who hates to reapply lip products throughout the day.

The shade of this lip cream is absolutely stunning. It is a rustic toned brown/light red colour and it is just perfect! For me, it’s a super enhanced shade of my natural lip colour. The colour also makes my lips look a lot fuller too.

I’ve read a lot of reviews that claim that this lip cream can’t be felt at all when on the lips but I didn’t find that to be completely true. Unlike a lot of liquid lipsticks this lip cream isn’t very heavy on the lips, that being said you can still feel it there, it just doesn’t feel so thick. This lip cream also dries matte and looks really pretty, and unlike other liquid lipsticks and matte lipsticks this one really isn’t as drying as other ones that I have tried. Overall I was very impressed with this lip product and genuinely thought it was amazing. I can’t wait to go back to Boots and purchase more NYX lip creams in other colours because this one was an absolute winner for me!

You probably all know by now that my reviews are always 100% honest and I will not pretend to like something just because everyone else thinks a certain something is amazing. Of course everyone has their own opinions but personally the Butter Gloss just didn’t work for me and I won’t be purchasing anymore of these. As for the Lip Creams, I can’t wait to pick up a load more of these and try out lots of different shades!
Thank you very much for reading and I really hope you have enjoyed this post. Have you tried any products from NYX? If so, what would you recommend? And what do you think of NYX lip creams and butter glosses? Let me know in the comments!

R-T x


13 thoughts on “NYX – First Impressions 

  1. I enjoyed there butter lipstick but have yet to try there glosses. But all I really played around with. There setting spray, I enjoy. May be worth a a try?

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  2. Too bad the butter gloss didn’t work out for you, thanks for being honest though. I was looking at those and maybe I would have wasted my cash buying it!
    I actually did a post recently about NYX products, their some of my favorite ones from the drugstore.

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