Wandering Usk… Part 1

Hello everybody! How are you all today? I feel super great lately so that is fab. I’m back again with another photography post, although I’m not entirely sure if anyone is even interested in my photography posts? Anyway, if you follow my Instagram Beck2x would have seen majority of these photographs anyway. Let’s crack on.

OK so a few weeks ago me and my partner went on a long drive and ended up driving through Usk, a small town in Monmouthshire, South Wales. We were only driving through looking for a place to have dinner when I realised what a beautiful town it was. To my disappointment we were too hungry to stop and the weather wasn’t so great either. The place was just too beautiful to capture shots that were rushed. That being said, I insisted on coming back another time so that I could snap some photographs, and that we did!
Here are the photographs that I shot. I hope you like them! 

*I took a total of 44 photographs so there will be 2 parts to this blog and 22 photographs on each part. I will upload part 2 next Wednesday!*

If you enjoyed this post then make sure you check out Part 2 of Wandering Usk… that I will be putting up next Wednesday!
R-T x


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