Teeny Tiny Lush Haul


Hello everybody, todays blog is going to be about 3 bath bombs I purchased from Lush and what my opinions were on them. The three I picked up was Twilight (this one has been on my wish list for quite some time), The Experimenter (it’s the one pretty much everyone has to try at least once?) and finally, Sakura (this one just caught my eye in store).


1. Sakura


This bath bomb was a bit of a disappointment. This was a very eye catching bath bomb which is why I spotted it and picked it up. All the pretty specks of colour stood out to me but when I put this bath bomb in the bath there was no colours at all so that was fairly disappointing.

This one fizzed a lot quicker than some of the bath bombs I have purchased before. This bath bomb also didn’t leave my skin feeling as moisturised and soft like other ones had. That’s something I look forward to after using a Lush bath bomb is how creamy and nourished my skin feels after the bath, but Sakura just didn’t do that for me.

The scent of this is really strong and it did fill the room so that was good. The scent was super refreshing. It’s the type of scent that makes you feel very alert and awake as opposed to calm and relaxed. However; i didn’t particularly like the scent, it kind of reminded me of the fragrances you would find in a toilet, it smells like something you would use to clean the toilet with. Not particularly a bad smell, but not a smell that has good connotations. I think this bath bomb would be perfect for a morning bath but just not perfect for me.

2. The Experimenter


Okay firstly, let me just show you what this looked like in the bath…






I absolutely loved this bath bomb! Just look at those gorgeous colours whirling around. This one is definitely an eye-catcher and I’m so glad that I picked it up. Plus when all of the colours have blended the end result is dark blue twinkling water, similar to Intergalactic bath bomb. I didn’t realise that this bath bomb contained glitter either that just twinkles beautifully in the water and on your skin after your bath!

When I first purchased this bath bomb I really wasn’t fussed on the scent and it almost prevented me from buying it. The scent smells a lot like wood, and reminds me of walking through a woodland after it has rained where you get that strong scent from the bark etc… and I didn’t like that at all. But weirdly, when I was in the bath I absolutely loved it! I just lay there masking in the smell of nature and it was really beautiful and oh so relaxing! So I would say don’t let the overpowering scent put you off when you first smell it. This bath bomb also made my skin feel really creamy and soft too!

3. Twilight


First off let me just start by saying I’ve seen loads of people’s photos and videos of this bath bomb and the water looks incredible with swirls of pink, blues and yellow. This didn’t actually happen for me. You can see the pretty colours inside the bath bomb but all it did was turn the water a light purple colour with specks of glitter. I was kind of looking forward to the pretty, colourful swirls…
This is definitely one of the longer lasting bath bombs as it didn’t dissolve as quickly as the others. The best thing about this bath bomb and that made me love using it so much was the scent! The scent filled the room and it was sooo luxurious. It has a lavander scent that is very soothing and will make you feel very calm and relaxed. You definitely get a spar like feeling when you use this bath bomb. I kind of wish I took in a book to read whilst I relaxed amongst the stunning smell that filled the room. I’m likely to purchase this bath bomb again for the scent alone.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, it’s been a long time coming! Have you tried any of these bath bombs from Lush? What’s your favourite lush bath bomb? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading!

R-T x


3 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Lush Haul

  1. I have used Twilight and the Experimenter before and I love them. I have currently got Sakura and waiting for the right time to use it. It does look eye catching but I did have a feeling it wouldn’t be a brilliant one x

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