Liebstar Award – 3 & 4


Hello everyone! I’m so pleased that I have been nominated for the Liebstar Award again for the 3rd and 4th time by the lovely Tori Moore and rosetintedpics . I am so grateful that you both nominated me and I’m so glad that you both like my blog! Everyone be sure to check out these lovely ladies blogs because they are amazing!


My questions from Tori Moore .

1. Do you have a favorite book?

Yes! Eleanor & Park or All the Bright Places.

2. If you are a reader, do you prefer kindle or paperback books?

Paperback books 100%. I’ve never liked the thought of reading a story on an electronic device, there’s just something about holding a book that I prefer.

3. Do you prefer the winter or summer? Why?

Definitely Winter. I love when the weather gets cold and you can wrap up in big jumpers and fluffy socks. Winter is such a cosy month. Plus I love going out for hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows! Awwww I love Winter.

4. Where would your dream holiday be?

I’ve always wanted to go to Paris or Brighton (I know, they’re quite different) so I would like to have a holiday at either of those places.

5. If you were a super hero or supervillain, what would your powers be?

My superpower would be to be able to fly, that would be so cool. Plus, I’ve dreamt that I could fly loads of times.

6. If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?

Lady Gaga or Zoella probably.

7. What is the most extreme thing you have ever done? If not, what is the most extreme thing you would like to do?

I wouldn’t say that I have done anything particularly extreme, and there isn’t anything extreme I would like to do. I guess for me, doing Tae Kwon Do was probably the most extreme thing I have done.

8. Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it?

Yes, a few actually. One is Idiot Princess. Hahaha that’s so lame but my boyfriend calls me it sometimes because I’m often an idiot but he still thinks I’m a princess. And my parents call me Becky Boo, they’ve called me it since I was a little girl and unfortunately it didn’t wear off haha. Aren’t those just the cheesiest nicknames ever?

9. What is your motivation, what keeps you going?

Can a person be my motivation? Because my boyfriend is my motivation. He always motivates, encourages and supports me and I guess he is the one that keeps me going. I’m not the most motivational person because I doubt myself too much.

10. Do you have any four legged friends? If not, would you ever consider getting one?

No I don’t have any four legged friends. I would consider getting a dog though.

And now the questions for me from rosetintedpics.

1. Do you have a middle name?

Yes, my middle name is Leigh.

2. Whats your favourite season?

3. Whats your favourite drink?

A cup of tea.

4. What’s your fashion style?
I will often be seen wearing a T-shirt paired with light blue or black skinny jeans, with either Dr Martens or Vans and then one of my choker necklaces.

5. Do you have a hobby?

Going out to take photos and blogging are probably my hobbies.

6.Do you have any pets?


7. What’s your favourite place to travel to?

I don’t really have one!

8. What’s your favourite makeup brand? Or clothes brand?

My favourite makeup brand is probably Makeup Revolution because I’m in love with their eyeshadow palettes. I don’t particularly have a favourite clothes brand but the majority of my clothes are from H&M or Boohoo.

9. What’s your favourite food?

Pepperoni Pizza, specifically dominos mmm.

10. What’s your favourite colour?


10 facts about me

It’s actually really hard to think of 10 facts when you’re not very interesting…

1. I’m 19 years old.
2. I really love Instagram, so much that I have two accounts.
3. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
4. My favourite colour is pink.
5. I have the most amazing boyfriend.
6. Recently I’ve been really enjoying Scream the TV series.
7. I love applying makeup although I’m not too good at it.
8. I have never tried a cigarette.
9. I have a little Andrex puppy toy that my mum and nan saved tokens to get me years ago and it’s name is Sky which was the name of my first and only dog I ever had.
10. I suck at painting my nails.

The questions for my nominees…

1. What’s one item you couldn’t live without and why?
2. Do you have a favourite band, if so, who?
3. What is your pet hate?
4. Something you love?
5. What is your favourite TV series?
6. How do you “chill out”?
7. Makeup or food?
8. Is there any makeup product you really dislike?
9. What do you dislike and love the most about blogging?
10. What blog posts do you love to write and read?

My nominations are:

1. BeautyByK
2. Tea and Daydreams
3. AyeshaKhanBlogs

Congratulations to my nominees and a big thanks to the lovely girls that nominated me. Please don’t forget to check out Tori Moore and rosetintedpics blogs because they are so lovely and their blogs are amazing! Thank you for reading.

R-T x


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