Palmers Natural Bronze Gradual Tan


I recently bought the Palmer’s Gradual Tanning Body Lotion from Superdrug when it was on sale for just £3.50 which I think is an absolutely amazing price because look how big the fricken bottle is! I thought I would give this body lotion a go because it seemed a lot more simple to use than fake tan. With fake tan you need to moisturise your whole body first, let that dry and then proceed with tanning which can take quite a bit of time.The knowledge behind me buying this product was that I could skip the whole moisturising stage as it is already a moisturiser and then I’d be left with smooth skin and a lovely tan at the end.

Another thing that attracted me to this product was the fact that it contains cocoa butter, I thought it would smell amazing, but did it? Yes it did! It’s a lot more pleasurable applying this when you get a thick smell of chocolate fill the room, it’s so beautiful. When applied you can still somewhat smell the musk, biscuity scent of fake tan but it certainly isn’t as potent because the chocolate scent almost overrules it. This body lotion is lovely and leaves your skin feeling ridiculously soft and well looked after. It leaves your body feeling moisturised all day! 

Now onto the gradual tan that this body lotion has to offer. I have had a love/hate relationship with this gradual tanner, but I will say love conquers all in the end and I will continue to purchase this product. This body lotion definitely takes some getting used to. I applied this body lotion in the night and in the morning I was tanned. I was a beautiful, golden brown colour and I couldn’t believe how soft, sun-kissed and glowy my skin looked. The tan did look natural too and it looked so lovely and had no streaks.

Unfortunately, some parts of me didn’t tan. Both of my thighs had no tan on them but the rest of my legs did, and the backs of my calves weren’t tanned either. So you have to learn which parts of your body requires extra coats and which don’t to ensure that you are tanned all over. So originally my tan looked disastrous, but now that I have learned which parts of my body require an extra layer I haven’t had a problem. Plus, if you reapply the tan the next day it creates an even look all over.

This tan also fades quite quickly, I’d say it fades after 2-3 days. The fact it fades quicker than fake tan encourages you to use the body lotion more, which is definitely a good thing because you should moisturise your body all the time. I’m too lazy to do this so this definitely encourages me to because I want to keep up with my tan! Win-win. This tan will look incredible in summer!

There we have it! I definitely think this is a product that you need to try for yourself to see if you like it and can get along with it! Thank you reading, until next time.

R-T x


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