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May Favourites

Hello everyone! It’s the time of the month again, no not that time of the month, it is time for another monthly favourites post! May wasn’t the most exciting of months I must admit but still, I’m happy and healthy and so there’s no reason to complain. Anyway, as always I tried a few products this month and most have them have actually made it into my monthly favourites.

We’ll get the most random one out of the way first.

1. McDonald’s Belgian Chocolate Honeycomb Iced Frappe


Oh my goodness there is no way I could do a monthly favourites and not include this frappe in it. I’ve probably had way too many of these this month but they are so irresistible. This is by far my favourite summer drink. I’ve tried a variety of iced frappes from Costa and not one has even been close to being as good as this one! Everything about it is so lush, the whipped cream, the sauce, the chocolate chunks, you guys seriously need to try one!

2. Miss Sporty Army Quad Eyeshadow


I’m aware that green shades aren’t particularly the prettiest, and to be honest I wouldn’t have normally gone out and bought green eyeshadows. However; this month I have been wearing a khaki bomber jacket quite often and every time I have been doing my makeup it was annoying me that I didn’t have any nice green eyeshadows to match.
I then spotted this little gem in Superdrug and I couldn’t resist buying it. I’ve never tried Miss Sporty eyeshadows before and I probably wouldn’t have its just I couldn’t find nice green shades anywhere else. I am glad that I picked this quad up though because these eyeshadows are actually really good. They blend so nicely, the colours look great together and they are super pigmented. I will definitely be buying more Miss Sporty eyeshadows because I was really pleased with the quality.
I love that these eyeshadows are shimmery but I just wish there was a matte shade. The colours do look really gorgeous on, I actually love them. I’ve not worn the top left shade because I don’t particularly like that colour. I’ve really been loving the brown shade in this quad and I’ve occasionally been wearing that shade on its own because it’s just soooo pretty.

3. Lush Experimenter Bath Bomb

I surprisingly loved this bath bomb, and I say surprisingly because I originally didn’t like the scent of this bath bomb! I won’t say too much about this bath bomb because I have reviewed it in a lush haul post that I will be putting up soon! But I will say I will more than likely repurchase this and it left my skin feeling wonderful and my bath looked amazing.

4. Palmers Gradual Tanning Body Lotion

Okay I have had a love/hate relationship with the gradual tanning body lotion, but I have used it frequently and grown to really like it and therefore it became one of my favourites in May. Again, I’ve already written a blog post on this body lotion that will put up soon so look out for that for more information!

5. Max Factor Mascara


If you have read my Max Factor – Luxe Collection post then you’ll know I have really loved this mascara! This mascara gives your eyelashes really good volume, doesn’t clump and makes them look gorgeously fluttery! I’ve worn this mascara when I’ve gone for a girly makeup look because of the length and fluttery effect it gives. I’d rather wear a more fuller and thicker mascara when going for a bold look so I avoid this mascara then. This mascara really separates the lashes and it is made a lot easier to do so with the amazing applicator that it comes with.

6. Clean & Clear Cream Wash


This is by far the most refreshing facial wash I have ever used. This makes my skin feel so clean! After using it my face feels super clean, very refreshed and very smooth too. It’s honestly amazing and paired with the Clean & Clear moisturiser this pair works wonders! You can read more about what I think of this cream wash here.

7. Clean & Clear Moisturiser


Oh hello, another Clean & Clear product? I think I may have discovered a new, favourite skin care brand. This has become my favourite moisturiser! I suffer with really oily skin which can be really annoying on times but this moisturiser has tackled my oily skin problem! This moisturiser is very refreshing, hydrating and makes my skin feel so lovely and soft. I can’t recommend this moisturiser enough, especially for people that suffer with oily skin. Again, I have written a more detailed review on this moisturiser here if you would like to find out more about it.

That was my May favourites! Has this post encouraged you to try any of the products I have mentioned? What were you loving last month? Let me know in the comments!

R-T x


16 thoughts on “May Favourites

  1. I’ve used the bath bomb before. I liked it when it was melting in bath but after it was gone, I wasn’t too impressed with the colour of bath water. Have you tried Intergalactic bathbomb? That one is amazing 😊

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    1. A lot of photos I have seen the Experimenter made the bath look brown which is kind of gross but to be honest my one ended up looking like intergalactic when it had gone! It was a really dark blue / black colour and glittery, bit weird. Intergalactic is one of my favourites! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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