I’m a Coconut Queen!

You’re probably wondering what on earth a “coconut queen” is, right? Hang in there and I’ll explain…


Hello everyone! So a little bit of exciting news today. If you follow me on Instagram you will already be aware of this but, after stumbling across a website called Coconut Lane I noticed that they were looking for bloggers (Coconut Queens) to promote their brand, and so I thought I would apply. The next day I received an email from a lady named Charlotte which informed me that I had been successful and said “We’ve had a look at your blog and social media and LOVE what you’re about – we think you’d make a fab addition.” So of course, I was extremely pleased. I am now a Coconut Queen!

About Coconut Lane

“We’re Classy, Sassy and a bit Bad-Assy”

Coconut Lane sells lots of really cool, qwerky and unique items. They sell many items that range from a variety of things such as stationary, jewellery and home accessories. Their products are super adorable and affordable. I love their website, so much sass, so much pink. They have a range of items that are really cute, girly and I’m sure Beyonce would even love them! If you like unicorns, Mean Girls, anything pink, marble, donuts, the lot then definitely check their website out!

But the best part?

All of my followers can get 20% off your orders with my unique code rebeccaleigh20 which you just need to put in at the checkout! Here’s the link to their website – Coconut Lane

Enjoy 🍍💕

My Coconut Lane Wish List

After browsing Coconut Lane there’s a few items that I can’t wait to order!

1. Silver Pineapple Necklace

2. Prickly Cactus Notebook

3. Unicorn Ombre Socks

4. Pink Tropez  Sunglasses

There we have it! I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you check out Coconut Lane. If you  do make an order don’t forget to use my unique code rebeccaleigh20 at the checkout!

R-T x


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