The Best Concealer and the Worst Foundation

Hello everyone, in today’s post I will be talking about 2 Miss Sporty products. The Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Concealer and the Miss Sporty Insta Glow Foundation. It’s always good to start with the good news first and then the bad news, right?

So firstly,

Miss Sporty – Perfect Stay Concealer


I love this concealer. Mine is in the shade Light 001. It’s the best one I’ve used to date. It has really good coverage and it is perfect at hiding the dark circle under my eyes as well as any spots and blemishes I have. It’s easily blendable too and not at all cakey. This concealer claims to last 10 hours and I think it does. This concealer lasts all day and doesn’t go patchy. Overall I was really pleased with this concealer and will continue to purchase it, plus, its really cheap! You can pick this gem up for £2.99!

And now on to the absolute disaster…

Miss Sporty – Insta Glow Foundation


Insta Glow? This foundation makes you “glow” alright, glow bright red with absolute rage and fury because you just applied this foundation 30 minutes before you have to leave the house, it looks absolutely atrocious and you haven’t got time to remove it all and start again! *Inhale, exhale, count to 10, remain calm.*

I’ll start with the “good points”. When I squeezed this foundation onto the back of my hand I was absolutely relieved to see that the colour matched my exact skin tone! This foundation became very promising to me because of this. I often, well pretty much always struggle to find a foundation pale enough to match my ghost like skin. And this is where the good points end.

OK so I applied my foundation with my trusty Real Techniques Beauty Blender and the foundation just wouldn’t stick to my face. It was ridiculously patchy and I looked horrendous. I was trying to use dabbing motions with the beauty blender as I normally would but the foundation just would not cling to my face. I then tried using my Real Techniques Foundation Brush and this was literally scratching the foundation off my skin. It’s fair to say my face looked horrendous, especially my nose area.

It looked as though I had stood outside in the pouring rain because the foundation ended up looking spotted where only some of the product sat on my face. I tried to correct it by just covering my face in concealer and trying to even the foundation out and it did manage to do that a little. I understand that “you get what you pay for” and I know this is only a cheap product, but I have actually read a few posts from people who love this foundation and I really, really don’t know why.

I know that when it comes to foundation everyone is different. Some people like thick and heavy foundation because it gives them really good coverage, others like a really light weight feel foundation that can barely be felt on your skin. Some like matte foundation and others like foundation that gives you a dewy look. These are all perfectly fine, but I can’t for the life of me see why anyone would like a foundation that doesn’t spread, doesn’t blend, looks ridiculously patchy and won’t even hold on your face! This foundation actually made me look like I had a skin condition and I really don’t. The worst foundation definitely goes to this one. Nothing could make this monstrosity of a foundation any better and now, it’s going straight into the bin.

I am aware this was a bit of a moany post but as always I hope you enjoyed it!

R-T x


6 thoughts on “The Best Concealer and the Worst Foundation

  1. Oh I hare really watery foundations that don’t stick to your skin! I’v never tried anything from the miss sporty range before though, but I’ll make sure to stay away from that foundation haha! xx

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