Budget Friendly – Mini Haul

Hello everyone! Over the past few weeks I’ve picked up a few items that I would consider “budget friendly” and I’ve put together a compilation of these things to share with you. Not one of these items in this haul where over £5, and in fact the most expensive item in this mini haul was only £5! So let’s begin.

I picked up most of these items from Primark and purchased a few from B&M Bargains and Home Bargains. I have 11 items in total to show you and all 11 of these items came to just £15.76!

So what have I picked up?


1. 2 Cotton Pads – 50p each from Primark
2. Floral Hardback Notebook – £1.49 from B&M Bargains
3. 3 Bath Bombs – 59p each from Home Bargains
4. 3 Candles – £1 each from Primark
5. Pyjama Vest – £3.50 from Primark
6. Pyjama Bottoms – £5 from Primark

1. Primark Cotton Pads


Not much to say about these Cotton Pads, I use them to remove makeup and apply moisturiser. As far as cotton pads go these do the job. I was just pleased with these because each pack are only 50p which makes a change to paying about £3 normally from Boots or Superdrug, and let’s be honest, who needs expensive cotton pads anyway?

2. Floral Hardback Notebook


Isn’t this just the cutest notebook? It was only £1.49 from B&M Bargains and its super pretty. It has a really nice floral pattern on the front and its really girly and summery. It kind of looks like something you’d get from Cath Kidston only a lot cheaper. Its perfect for making notes in and would look really lovely on your office desk. Its nice to use at school for revision or at uni to take notes. I use mine to plan my blogs in. It also has plenty of pages!

3. Fizzing Bath Bombs

I’m quite excited to try these fizzing bath bombs but I’m not expecting too much from them. They were 59p each from Home Bargains so for all 3 bath bombs they were only £1.77 and I think that’s just amazing! Especially considering a bath bomb from Lush would cost about £3.50 for one, but obviously, I doubt these will be anything like a Lush bath bomb! I am excited to try these though, and the 3 scents I picked up were Mango, Rose and Lavender. I might do a little blog post on all 3 of these bath bombs once I have tried them.

4. Scented Candles


I picked these 3 candles up from Primark, (Primark have a great home range in right now at seriously good prices) and they were only £1 each and they claim to burn for 16 hours. The colours of the candles are lovely and summery and they look very cute and decorative. The scents are to die for! They are very fresh and summery scented candles and I can’t wait to try them. The scents that I picked up are Summer Rain & Forest Berries, Pink Grape Fruit and Wild Orchid. My favourite scent of the 3 has to be Summer Rain & Forest Berries.

5. Pyjamas Vest and Bottoms


Now it’s fair to say I knew I would be purchasing these pyjamas as soon as I set my eyes on them. How fricken cute are these OMG! I was in love. They are so girly and colourful! There’s nothing I love more than pyjamas, especially ones with unicorns on! The picture on them is of a unicorn in an icecream cone, therefore it’s a “unicone” ha ha ha (I love crappy jokes).


These pyjamas are really comfy and are the perfect fit, and the pyjama bottoms are really really soft and cuffed leg. The vest top was £3.50 and the bottoms were £5. Making the set a total of £8.50 which I think is really good, however; after ONE wash, the picture of the unicorn on the trousers came off! I was soooo disappointed (cries).

I do really love these pyjamas but I’m just so gutted that the picture on the pyjama bottoms has come off, although the picture on the vest top has remained on, for now anyway.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! What budget friendly bargains have you picked up recently?

R-T x


9 thoughts on “Budget Friendly – Mini Haul

  1. Hey there just to let you know Rebecca, i have nominated you for the Liebster award, Please check my Blog to find out more and how to do it :). Loving the little candles, i have some of those too and there scent is amazing 🙂 x

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