Bargain Beauty Buys

There is nothing I love more than a beauty bargain. What is better than buying yourself bargain makeup that is actually of a very good quality? I mean of course some bargain makeup products are absolute pants, but they do often make good trial and errors. I decided to show you a few bargains that I picked up recently from Primark and Superdrug. I have 8 items in total to show you.


So what bargain beauty buys did I pick up?

Revolution Eyeliner – £1.50
Revolution Concealer – £2
Revolution Mascara – £2
MUA Trio Eyeshadow – £2.50
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil – £3.99
2 PS… Matte Lipsticks – £1.50 each
PS… Lipstick – 90p

Total price for all 8 items = £14.39

However; there was a 3 for 2 offer on Superdrug makeup meaning that I got the Revolution mascara for free and the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil was on sale in Tesco for £3.

Total price I paid for these 8 items = £11.40


1. Revolution Liquid Eyeliner


I’ve used this liquid eyeliner a few times now and I actually really like it, I’m pretty shocked by how good it is since it’s only £1.50. I think that the applicator is really easy to use and allows you to create a precise cat eye which is everything I look for in an eyeliner and it’s a really dark black too. This liquid eyeliner has now replaced my Dip It eyeliner by Sleek. I just hope that this eyeliner lasts as long as my Sleek one. Very impressed.

2. Revolution Focus and Fix Liquid Concealer


As far as concealer goes this is fab. It does what you’d expect a concealer to do, not particularly high coverage on spots but good enough for my satisfaction, probably wouldn’t wear this without applying foundation on top, but having said that it’s definitely worth a try, especially as it’s only £2 and I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong with it. I think this is the type of product you just need to try for yourself!

3. Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara


Not tried this mascara yet! I just hope it doesn’t dry up as quickly as a lot of cheap mascaras do but the applicator looks quite decent! But you can pick this up for just £2!

4. MUA Trio Eyeshadow – Pink Sorbet


I’ve used this trio a couple of times and I’m completely in love with the colours! I think they are absolutely perfect for spring and summer and really brighten up my eyes. Matched with a neutral lipstick this trio looks super cute. All three of these eyeshadows are shimmery. The top eyeshadow is a beautiful, light, champagne pink colour that has hints of silver in it. The bottom left eyeshadow is a darker, rose toned pink colour. The bottom right is a light brown shade with hints of gold in it. However; I will say the three eyeshadows together don’t mix particularly well and kind of blend into one colour. I only wear the top eyeshadow and the bottom left eyeshadow together where I wear the lightest pink on my eyelid and darker pink as a shadow in my crease. I tend to wear the bottom right one on its own with a brown, matte eyeshadow.

5. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil – 002 Hazel

This is my go to eyebrow pencil right now and has been for the last 2 years. I always get this pencil in the shade 002 Hazel. Its really easy to use and does the job. I have no complaints about this and it lasts a long time. I’ve gotten through 4 maybe in 2 years so I would say this pencil lasts about 6 months, and so for £4 I think that’s definitely a bargain. I do think by now I should probably try a new eyebrow pencil since there’s probably better ones out there.

The next 3 lipsticks are all from Primark and I will be doing a review on these shortly…

6/7. PS… Matte Lipsticks


Annoyingly, there’s no name or shade to either of these lipsticks so I’m going to refer to the top one as Nude and the bottom one as Red lol.
Both of these lipsticks are a lovely colour and very long lasting. They are matte and therefore a bit drying on the lips but no more drying than any other lipsticks to be honest. For £1.50 each these lipsticks are ridiculously under priced. I actually think the quality of these is superb and very unexpected. I will be running back to pick more of these up when mine run out. One thing I was a little annoyed about though was the red lipstick looks like a dark, blood toned red, but when applied it looks purple! It’s definitely more of a plum colour! I love plum lipsticks so I wasn’t too bothered but I was looking forward to having a dark, matte, red. Oh and I didn’t realise, see at the bottom of these lipsticks there’s a square showing the colour? That’s actually a lip gloss and not just cute packaging! (I only realised after someone posted a photo of it on Instagram)

8. PS… Coral Lipstick 04


I really like this lipstick too. Its a gorgeous coral colour and the first coral lipstick I’ve tried. I feel like this colour really suits me and I wore this with matte brown eyeshadow and turquoise eyeliner! Sounds a little weird but it looked great. This lipstick is gorgeous and I can’t wait to wear it more. It is super pretty and stayed on my lips for quite a few hours. And, it’s 90p!!!!! Primark, you are winning.

So that’s it for my bargain, beauty, buys, I really enjoyed putting this post together and I hope you all liked it. What are your go to bargain beauty buys? Do let me know!

R-T x


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