I won a giveaway!

I have entered numerous giveaways on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook since I can remember and until now I had never won one. At times, I even believed that no one actually won giveaways and that accounts would just set up giveaways in order to gain more followers etc…

However; a few weeks ago I actually won just_jodes Spring Makeup Look giveaway and won 19 Miss Sporty makeup products that all arrived in a lovely pink Miss Sporty gift bag! I was so pleased and actually shocked that I had won!

I checked my Instagram and had 100+ notifications of people spamming my account with likes, follows, and comments congratulating me. I was ridiculously confused of what was going on and then I thought, did I win the giveaway I entered? I immediately checked just_jodes Instagram and there was my photo on her feed telling me that I was the winner!

Anyway, enough rambling, I’m going to show you what I received.

What I won:

1 Blusher (004 Glowing Mauve)
1 Liquid Concealer (Light)
1 Foundation (001 Ivory)
1 Mascara (Black)
3 nail polishes (Pastel Blue, Pinky Beige, Grey)
1 Lipstick Crayon (010 Pink Popsicle)
4 lipsticks (301 My Cheeky Cherry, 200 My Favourite Pink, 211 Orange Topaz, 021 Spiced Rum)
1 Waterproof Eyeliner (Black)
4 Khol Kajal Pencil Eyeliners (002 Deep Brown, 015 Basalt, 002 Money Brown, 004 Gleaming Turquoise)
2 Liquid Lipsticks (Pink, Red)






So as you can imagine I can’t wait to delve in and try some of these products! So there may be a few reviews coming up when I’ve used some of the products enough times! Let me know in the comments whether there’s any thing specific you would like to see a review about, maybe something you’re keen to try or generally curious about. Until next time!

R-T x


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