I am aware that a lot of bloggers do Monthly Empties posts where they write about products that they have used up in the previous month and whether they would repurchase them and so on. Now unfortunately I do not get through enough products per month to do a Monthly Empties post, so I have decided to do them as and when I have a compilation of empty products. This is the first empties post I have done and these are one of favourite blogs that I look forward to everyone else doing. Let’s crack on!


The products that I have used up are:

1. Boots – Creamy Almond Body Wash
2. Rimmel – Stay Matte Primer
3. Maybelline – Dream Satin Liquid Foundation
4. Superdrug – Purifying Cucumber Peel-Off Mask
5. Treaclemoon – Marshmallow Hearts Bath and Shower Gel
6. Umberto Giannini – Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask


Boots – Creamy Almond Body Wash

“Gently cleanses, conditions and moisturises for smooth, soft skin”

This is one of boots own body washes. It has a very strong almond scent and it is such a soothing scent. This body wash feels really creamy and it’s lovely on the skin and leaves it feeling really smooth.

Would I purchase again? Probably not. Although it is a lovely body wash I want particularly fussed on the scent, I’ve just smelt better, and to be perfectly honest I have found other body washes that are just as good, contain a lot more product and are cheaper in price.

Rating – 2/5

Rimmel – Stay Matte Primer

I do really like this primer. It says that it controls shine for up to 8 hours, but I would probably say that it lasts for about 5 hours, so if you are looking for a long lasting primer, this may not be what you’re looking for. It feels really light on the skin which I like a lot. It gives your foundation a much smoother look. However, I do get through this primer quite quickly.

Would I purchase again? Yes, I would. It pretty much does what I want it to, although I think I might try Nivea Post Shaving Balm as I have heard that it works great as a primer!

Rating – 3/5


Maybelline – Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

I haven’t written a singular review on this foundation because I really didn’t like it and to be honest I don’t really have anything good to say about it. I’m very pale skinned and although I bought a light shade (light porcelain), this foundation was way too dark and very orange. When I wore this foundation I pretty much couldn’t wait to take it off. After an hour or so of wearing it my face felt so greasy and gross. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who has oily skin. This foundation is high coverage and that was probably the only good thing about it. Even if I didn’t apply much, my face would feel caked! The only reason I continued to wear this was because I hate things going to waste and at the time, I couldn’t afford to buy another foundation. However, by applying Rimmel Stay Matte primer over the top of it it did go a little lighter and felt less greasy on my skin so that definitely made this more bearable to wear. I really wanted to like this foundation but I didn’t which is such a shame as I do like Maybelline as a brand.

Would I purchase again? No, unfortunately.

Rating – 1/5

Superdrug- Purifying Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

I love this facemask! My face felt so refreshed, smooth and toned after using it! It really wakes you up and removes any grime and dirt from your skin. It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Oh and the facemask is only 10p!!!

Would I purchase again? YES.

Rating – 4/5

Treaclemoon – Marshmallow Hearts Bath and Shower Gel


One of my favourite body washes ever! It smells incredible. The marshmallow scent is unbelievably scrumptious. It has a really strong, sickly, sweet scent that smells so good you could eat it! But please, don’t actually eat it. The packaging of this is also fab, I mean how cute does the bottle look? This could actually look really pretty and decorative in your bathroom. It has a thick consistency and it just glides across your skin making it feel really soft and creamy ooooooh. This product is also vegetarian and vegan friendly!

Would I purchase again? Yes, yes a thousand times, yes!

Rating 5/5

Umberto Giannini – Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask

“A deep treatment conditioner for dry, damaged hair that indulges the senses.”

OK well to be honest I purchased this hair mask when I had long and all be it, very damaged hair. I frequently used heat appliances and my hair ended up being very dry and in a bad condition, and this conditioning mask some what made my hair a lot healthier. My hair had a gorgeous shine to it after using this mask and made it feel soooooooo soft! I would use this one a week and it did make a difference to my hair. Unfortunately my hair was so damaged I had no other option other than to cut all of my hair off, but this conditioner to make an improvement to my hair. Oh a let me just mention, this smells LUSH, and you can literally smell it on your hair all day!

Would I purchase again? Yes, although whilst my hair is short and healthy there isn’t much need to as I don’t really use heated appliances on my hair.

Rating – 4/5

Well guys I hope you have enjoyed this post. Have you tried any of the products I have mentioned? If so what is your opinion on them? Thank you for reading and I wish you all a lovely day!

R-T x


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