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Hello you beautiful people! I’m feeling super happy today, but why? Well I don’t really know, I’m just in a fabulous mood and we can’t really complain about that now can we.

Anyway, many of us have a wish list of things we intend on buying, (or maybe just dream about as some things are waaaaay out of our budgets!) So today I thought I would put together a wish list of things I will be saving up for (the higher price range stuff) and stuff that I just want to pick up next time I’m out shopping. Here we go!

1. Dr Marten Bubblegum Satchel


First up is this beautiful Dr Marten bubblegum coloured, leather satchel. Look how gorgeous this is! Its girly, cute, fun, quirky and so vintage looking! What’s not to like? I love it.

2. Dr Marten Bubblegum Polley Shoes


Next up on my wish list is this gorgeous pair of Dr Marten bubblegum coloured Polley shoes. How fricken adorable are they? And of course, they match the satchel! Oh wow I want them so bad.

3. Nike Black Janoskis


I actually really want a pair of black and white Nike Janoskis. Obviously they are very different to the above items I have posted but I have a very open mind when it comes to fashion. I don’t like to stick to any particular style as I like so many different things! Plus these look really comfy to wear and seem very practical when I’m going somewhere that involves walking.

4. Revolution Chocolate Pink Fizz Eyeshadow Palette


I believe the Revolution Chocolate collection are new out and are dupes for the Too Faced chocolate bar palettes. This is only £8 and just look at it!! It’s beautiful. The shades are gorgeous and I mean come on how cute are the pink shades?

5. Revolution Chocolate Salted Caramel Eyeshadow Palette


And sticking to the Revolution Chocolate Eyeshadow palettes, I also really want the Chocolate Salted Caramel palette! It is so gorgeous. And that dark blue shade is screaming out to me! The packaging of these are also the cutest! So sweet, so girly!

6. Primark Retro Daisy Bedding


Okay so onto something a little different, I popped in to Primark the other day and it’s fair to say I was blown away by there homeware stuff! They have such a beautiful collection of stuff ranging from bedding, candles, cushions, fairy lights and accessories at bargain prices! I couldn’t believe it. I happened to fall in love with this bedding! It has a retro, daisy pattern and I love it. It is so adorable! They also had the matching cushions too! How cute will this look in your bedroom? Especially as it is perfectly suited for Spring/Summer.

7. Primark Matte Lipsticks


Keeping it with the Primark stuff, Primark also have their own makeup range called PS… Now, I can’t see me rushing to buy any of their products like foundation or eyeliner because I just can’t help thinking they wouldn’t be any good for my skin, BUT, I have heard many great things about their matte lipsticks so I do really fancy giving them a try! Have any of you tried Primark lipsticks?

8. Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist


When I was in Superdrug recently I thought I would try the Blissful Mistful Body Mist by Zoella. I’m sure you’ve all heard of this body mist! Anyway, I tried the tester they had and I must say I was very pleased. The scent was very refreshing and had a very clean scent. It smelt so lovely! It was also quite strong smelling too! So I definitely want to purchase this.

9. Lush Twilight Bath Bomb


Not much to say about this other than I’ve heard good things about this bath bomb and it looks gorgeous when put in the bath! And let’s be honest Lush never really fail to disappoint.

10. Yankee Candle – Vanilla Frosting


Yankee Candle do some great candles and very lovely scents. My favourite scent of all is vanilla as I’m a huge fan of sweet bakery type scents, mmmm so lovely. I have smelt this candle in store and I loved it and I really need to purchase it!

I hope you guys have a lovely day and enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading.

R-T x


16 thoughts on “Wish list

  1. oh my gosh ! im a huge fan of revolution and i hadn’t noticed they had chocolate palettes out! deffo going to buy myself this x By the way i love your blog so much, i have ablog too i started off a couple of weeks ago x

    Liked by 1 person

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