Easter Sunday and what I got!

Happy Easter guys! I hope you all make pigs of yourselves! (Or bunnies ha ha ha) Today we shall eat our weight in chocolate and cry about it next month. Plus, today is the day that it is acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast. Wishing you all a lovely day.


So what did I get for Easter? Well let’s just say my parents went slightly overboard this year!




Chocolate overload thanks to my parents!

And from my boyfriends parents I got:


If you’re wondering why there’s no egg in the Aero box its because I already ate it haha! (There’s no Toffifee in the Toffifee box either, I ate those too!) And my boyfriends mum also crocheted me this beautiful pink scarf!


I was very lucky today! I hope you all have a fab day. I can’t wait for my cooked dinner mmmm. Do any of you have any plans for today? Unfortunately I don’t and my boyfriend has work so that sucks. The weather isn’t so great today either! Such a shame.


Thanks for reading.

R-T x


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