Revolution Blush – Now!

As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I wear very minimal makeup on my actual face, (not including lips, eyes, eyebrows) and I only normally wear foundation and powder. I just have had such a fear of using other products like bronzer, blusher etc… And don’t even get me started on this contouring malarky!

Basically, I just don’t want to end up looking like a clown, or a five year old who has broke into her mum’s makeup bag. So despite all this I recently ventured out and bought and tried a bronzer, so far so good!

Since using a bronzer has been a success I decided to try a blusher. So that brings me on to the Revolution Blush in the shade Now!

Now obviously since this is the first blush I have used I cannot compare it to other blushers. But I will try my best to discuss my first impression on it.

Oh and just to add, this blush is only £1! So it makes a perfect trial and error and is definitely good to use if you’re on a budget or just a beginner!

This blush is a beautiful, pale, pink colour with a subtle hint of coral. It’s perfect for anyone that has a very pale skin tone and wants a slight pop of colour on their cheeks. It’s a gorgeous shade and the colour is quite intense but not in a ridiculous way.

Due to the intense colour I was worried that blending would be an issue but I really shouldn’t have had any doubts because this blush is actually really blendable! I was so pleased at how easy to blend it was and as well as that this blush lasts all day.


There wasn’t any need to touch it up or apply more throughout the day, but if you did need to its very easy to carry around and can easily sit in your purse as it is only pocket sized. Perfect for when you’re on the go!

This blush made my cheeks glow and looked super cute when on! It’s a really sweet and girly colour. I can see myself absolutely loving wearing this now that its spring as it is such a lovely colour to wear in spring/summer. It has a slight shimmer to it which I love because its not too much but still allows you to twinkle when the light hits you.

So it’s fair to say I really like this blush and will probably continue to buy it! I do love Revolution makeup but until now I have only tried their eye shadow palettes and lipsticks!


Check out my most recent post I wrote about Revolution – Girls On Film – eye shadow pallette.

Thank you for reading! What blushers would you recommend? Let me know!

R-T x


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