Revolution – Girls On Film Eye Shadow Pallette

I recently bought the Girls on Film eye shadow pallette by Revolution. This pallette is normally only £6 but I got in on sale for £4! I’m such a sucker for sales on makeup. You can purchase Revolution makeup from Superdrug.


Revolution are a very good and very affordable brand. I would highly recommend them to someone who is new to using makeup but I’d also recommend them to people who even use high end makeup as I believe they are that good!


Revolution do some amazing eye shadow pallettes and after having great success with two of them already, I couldn’t resist buying another one!

The Girls on Film pallette is from the salvation collection. It consists of 18 eye shadows in total. Of those 18 there are 12 shimmery and 6 matte which I find amazing! I do love shimmer eye shadows but it’s definitely nice to have a choice of matte ones too, especially when you like to use matte ones as a base or in the crease of your eye. All of the eye shadows are also super pigmented which is such a blessing. They are also super blendable too! There’s such a lovely mix in shades too.



I found that with this particular pallette they have matte eye shadows that are the same colour as the shimmery ones which I think is such a great idea! It’s handy when you want to wear a specific colour but you’d rather wear it as a matte eye shadow rather than a shimmery one or vice versa. It’s also nice if you like to wear both, for example I quite like to wear a matte shade over my whole eyelid and a shimmery one in the corner.

OK so the names of the eye shadows in this pallette are:

Top Row – From Left to Right

Walking Hand in Hand
Heads Turning
Camera Rolling
Take Your Picture
Polaroid Heaven
Made a Million

Middle Row – From Left to Right

Bridge at Midnight
Lights Flashing
Frenzy All Down Your Spine
Lipstick Over The Lens
Smile Wider
Hold Tight

Bottom Row – From Left to Right

Give Me Shudders
Shooting Star
One In A Million
So Bright
She’s Falling
Girls On Film

Here’s a close up!



I recently purchased the Revolution Run Boy Run eye shadow pallette and the Revolution Flawless Matte 32 eye shadow nude palette which I done a blog post about and you can check that out here.  ♥

What Revolution eye shadow pallettes are your favourite? Let me know in the comments! And also, let me know if you have tried any other Revolution products and what you think of those!

R-T x


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