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February Favourites

Another month has come and gone as quick as a flash! Winter is now over and spring is beginning to bloom, bring on the daffodils! Again this favourites post is a mixture of things ranging from TV series, films, food and surprisingly there’s not actually many makeup products in this post! Anyway, enough chit chat, let’s begin.


I’ll get the most random favourite out of the way first so first up…

Weetabix and Nutella – This might sound pretty weird but recently I decided to try Nutella on Weetabix. All I did was spread Nutella over the top of 2 Weetabix and then pour cold milk over the top and it is DELICIOUS. My boyfriend and brother have both tried this because of me and they too also love it. And besides that, I also got a tweet from the official Weetabix Twitter, it doesn’t really get any cooler than that now does it? 


Tesco Chocolate Chip Cookies I fricken LOVE these cookies oh em gee. They are just beautiful and are only £1 for 5 large cookies! I hate cookies that are hard so these are perfect for me as they are really soft and chewy. Me and my boyfriend just can’t get enough of these cookies and my bag is full of cookie receipts.


GirlsI only started this TV series this month and I really like it! I’m just about to start series 5 which only aired about 2 weeks ago, so unfortunately I will have to watch and wait for a new episode every week instead of binge watching it, bummer. This TV series is really funny and cram packed full of humourous drama. It’s about 4 girls living in New York who all live their lives differently and have different aspirations.
I have already written a full review here… Girls


Colouring Books – I have always loved colouring so recently I have been really enjoying these adult colouring books. You can get these from a variety of places and they are now becoming quite popular. They are great to use when you are feeling stressed or anxious and for that they are perfect for me.
I have already done a blog post on these here… Adult Colouring Books


Diary of a Teenage Girl – This is now one of my favourite films ever, it’s absolutely brilliant. It is about a 15 year old teen artist named Minnie (played by Bel Powley) living in 1970s San Francisco who ends up having sex with her mother’s boyfriend. It is honestly such a good and interesting film and I will probably watch this film again and again! I will most likely write a more detailed review of this film soon!


Collection Bronzer – OK, well I don’t particularly think this is a “favourite” of mine, I know you’re thinking so why is it it my favourites post? Well, basically when it comes to makeup I get very nervous trying new products in fear that I’ll end up looking like a clown, and because of that, I only wear foundation and powder on my face! (Other than lipsticks, and eye makeup of course). I decided that my face looked too plain and didn’t have much definition, so that is when I decided to use a bronzer. I didn’t want to spend too much money on a bronzer because I wasn’t sure if I would like using it and that is why I decided to buy a collection  bronzer as it was only £4! Perfect price for a trial and error. So the reason this bronzer made my favourites post was because I have enjoyed using and will continue to wear bronzer!

I actually found this bronzer to be a little bit dark for my skin tone and it did make me feel a little orange. I also found this bronzer to be quite hard to spread and blend so that was a little issue. As I now feel a bit more comfortable using bronzer, if anyone could recommend a good bronzer for me to use that would be great!


That was it for my February favourites. What did you love last month? Is there anything in this post that you’re curious to try or watch? Let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading.

Oh and I have hit 70 followers! YAY.

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R-T x


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