Along Came Betty

“A beautifully crafted range of body and skincare products, inspired by 1950’s screen stars and timeless beauty icons still famed for their natural flawless skin.”

I have loved Along Came Betty products for about 3 years now. They are a retro, 1950’s styled brand that I believe you can only purchase from Tesco. I think that Along Came Betty products are a cheaper, more affordable alternative for Soap and Glory. The products are actually of a very good quality at such reasonable prices and are perfect for a pamper evening.

And just look at how beautiful the packaging of these products are!

Along Came Betty also do some great gift sets where I got some of these products from and they make great gifts for yourself, a friend or a relative! (Perfect for Mother’s Day)


You can purchase Along Came Betty products here… Along Came Betty


Say You Scrub Me (gentle skin buffer) – this gentle skin buffer is a lovely body scrub. It comes in a gel like form with little blue bits in. This scrub feels gentle on your skin and gets rid of any flakey, rough bits giving your skin a smooth and soft feeling. I like this scrub because it’s not too rough on the skin.

Cream of all Creams (body lotion) – I have only just tried this body lotion and I’m in love! It dries super quickly which is a blessing and a little definitely goes a long way as it is really spreadable! It has a strong peach and apricot scent that you can smell for a long time. My skin now feels lovely and soft.


Shimmer Me Softly (bath crystals) – These bath crystals are a lovely, pink colour. They smell very sweet and fruity and add a subtle scent to your bath. These salts fizz away in the bath giving it a jacuzzi like feel. Perfect for when you are relaxing.



Bath Fizzer- this bath bomb took me by surprise and I was shocked by how good it was. Although it fizzed very quickly it gave off such a lovely scent of sweeties! The bath water went a cute pink colour too and my skin was left feeling super soft and creamy! Just beautiful.


Hands That Do Wishes (Dry Hands Lotion) – this hand lotion leaves your hands feeling really soft and moisturised and is brilliant for getting rid of dry and rough patches of skin. I do love this hand lotion and I don’t really use any others. Plus, it has a gorgeous peach and apricot scent that leaves your hands smelling fresh and clean all day!


So.. Much Bubble (bubble bath) – this bubble bath is pretty much like any other and it creates lots of lovely bubbles and also has the beautiful peach and apricot scent that can strongly be smelt once in the bath.

Pores For Thought Polish (De-Stress Face Scrub)- I love this facial scrub and my god it is so refreshing! This scrub makes your skin feel brand new! Your face will feel like it’s glowing after you have used it. You can feel this scrub purifying the skin deep down. This is great to use after a day of wearing makeup as you can really feel it giving your skin a good clean.


So that is all the Along Came Betty products that I own and love and I definitely suggest you try them! I will continue to buy these products for a long time! Thank you for reading and if you have made it this far then well done! Hope you’ve had a lovely Monday.

R-T x


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