Hey lovelies, I really need some new people to follow on my Instagram feed! I really want to liven up my feed a little so if it’s no bother, can you please follow my Instagram accounts and I’ll be sure to follow you back!

My first Instagram is more beauty based and includes photos you’ve probably seen on my blog! My username is RebeccaLeigh_x    ♥


And my second Instagram is more personal and more of a photography based account! My username is Beck2x   ♥


I can’t wait to check out your Instagram accounts! Leave me a comment on this post to let me know that you followed that way I know who to follow! Thank you x

R-T x


6 thoughts on “Instagram

    1. I completely understand what you mean and it can be so frustrating! I have another Instagram that is more photography based and although I feel the content is good I find that I’m always struggling for likes.

      Some little tips I’ve found though are spamming smaller accounts with likes as they get really appreciated and often return the likes (I only like the photos that I genuinely like though.) For example I would search something like “nail polish” in the tags and browse through loads of accounts whose nail polish photos have engaged me and look through the rest of their photos. I find that receiving shoutouts can also be very helpful too and I would also give you a shoutout if you like. I’ve found that hashtagging my photos with things like #spamforspam likeforlike #likeback also seem to pick up a few likes too!


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