I recently started watching the American TV show Girls, written by and starring Lena Dunham. I hadn’t heard of this show before but I came across it whilst trying to find a new TV series to watch. I am currently at the end of season 3 but season 5 actually aired just a few days ago.

Girls is about 4 girls, Hannah (Luna Dunham), Marnie (Allison Williams), Jessa (Jemima Kirke) and Shoshanna (Zosia Marnet) all in their early 20’s. All of these girls seem to know what they want to be doing and how they want to live their lives but discover that life just isn’t how we expect it to be as they face the difficulties of adulthood.
All four girls are friends and live completely different lives and although they seem very different to each other, they do hold a lot of similarities.

Hannah is an aspiring writer who constantly tries to battle through life dealing with her persistent parents, her weird relationship, her not so fond of job and trying to be a decent friend. She constantly makes a fool of herself but also strives to better herself. Hannah is full of tattoos of her favourite children’s illustrations and has a love for food. She’s the type of character you hate to love and can’t help but cringe at. She often makes mistakes without even realising. Hannah is on screen the most and you learn a lot about who she is as a person. She does a lot of crazy stuff like doing cocaine so that she can write about her experience, and even has sex with her junky neighbour. She’s weird but wonderful.


Marnie is Hannah’s best friend and has been for many years. She seems to have her life planned out and wants to live a very simplistic life. She desires to have the perfect job, perfect relationship, perfect friendship group, perfect hair (yeah, she’s a bit of a perfectionist) but although she’s very different to Hannah, she too makes a lot of silly mistakes and still finds herself being confused about what she wants in life and who she really is. She can sometimes be quite whiney and sometimes she really does deserve a slap. Marnie is not one to keep her mouth shut.


Jessa is probably one of my favourite characters, she’s unique, quirky and a bit of a hippy. She’s a character who constantly makes me laugh even if not intended to. She loves to travel and live her day to day life freely, without a care in the world, but she too discovers that sometimes, life cannot be lived that way. She can be very mean but for some reason she is just so loveable. Like Marnie she is not one to keep her mouth shut. She seems to have come from a rough background and has been in rehab several times for drug abuse and doesn’t even have a job. She has a strong front about her but she does hold in a lot of emotions which she occasionally let’s slip, showing that not everyone has it together every minute of every day.


Shoshanna is probably my least favourite of the group. She is actually the cousin of Jessa (although you would never believe it), she’s the youngest of the group and is still a virgin, I guess you could say she’s the innocent one (until you get further into the series). She is constantly studying and hopes to achieve a business degree. She is a hard worker and is very motivated, but this is a slight issue when it comes to relationships as she struggles to be with someone that doesn’t have any “goals”. She is very bubbly and talks way too fast and that is a little hard to get used to.


This programme will make you laugh and cringe a lot and is packed with drama. Girls is full of humour, extremely awkward sex scenes, make ups, break ups, self discovery, parties, work, family problems, and the constant battle of deciding whether you love or hate a character, it has EVERYTHING. And one perk for me is that every episode is only 30 minutes long which is perfect for anyone with a short attention span, like myself.

So there we go, I’ve found another TV show that I am obsessed with! I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to let me know in the comments whether you watch this too!

R-T x


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