My love for Rimmel lipsticks…

I love Rimmel Lipsticks, no matter which collection I get. Rimmel offer a variety of colours in different shades and tonnes at reasonable prices. The quality of Rimmel lipsticks are really good, especially considering they aren’t too expensive. I currently have 8  lipsticks by Rimmel in a variety of colours, ranging from dark colours to nude colours. All of these lipsticks are quite moisturising and don’t leave you lips feeling dry. 


One Of A Kind, 810- this lipstick is a lush, dark shade of red, in fact it is my favourite shade of red. It’s not bright and is more of a blood red colour. Perfect for a night out and is a lovely lipstick to wear in winter. I like to wear this lipstick with a black and silver smokey eye look. This lipstick definitely makes a statement and can also look nice with minimal eye makeup. This lipstick also has a lovely, fruity scent to it which isn’t particularly needed but it does make it that little bit nicer to wear. It is actually a different shape to most lipsticks (as shown below) and the lipstick is more of circular shape which personally I find makes it more difficult to apply, especially if you don’t use a lip liner.
*Rating- 5/5*


Lasting Finish by Kate 05- this is probably the only pinky shade of lipstick that I own as it is quite dark and has a reddish tint to it. I don’t really have much to say about this one and I don’t wear it often. Its probably my least favourite lipstick and that’s only because its not really my type of shade. This lipstick does last quite a long time and I find I only have to reapply this lipstick once or twice throughout the day and most of it remains on my lips even after food or drink. This lipstick is definitely long lasting! This lipstick also smells like watermelon, lovely.
*Rating- 2/5*

Coffee Shimmer 264 – this lipstick is one of my absolute favourites! I love brown lipsticks and I definitely need to buy some more because this is the only brown lipstick that I own! Anyway, this lipstick is also long lasting and believe me, it is. It is pretty similar to 05 by Kate and that it rarely has to be reapplied. My only problem with this lipstick is that it isn’t very moisturising like most of Rimmel Lipsticks and I would recommend wearing a lip balm underneath. Other than that this lipstick is quite pigmented and I love wearing this lipstick with brown or gold eye-shadow (or both blended together). This lipstick can be worn pretty much any time of day. It has a very sophisticated look but can also look quite bold depending on what you wear when wearing this lipstick! Amazing.
*Rating- 5/5*


All of the lipsticks shown above are from the Moisture Renew collection. Therefore these lipsticks are very moisturising and do not need to be worn with a lip balm. These lipsticks do not leave your lips feeling dry at all and for that they are a blessing, however; they need to be reapplied quite a lot throughout the day and can easily be rubbed off, especially when eating or drinking and they can feel quite wet on your lips. So, if you are looking for a long lasting finish then these may not be right for you, but if you are looking for lipsticks that leave your lips feeling hydrated and moisturised then these will be perfect for you.

Vintage Pink 180- This lipstick is another one of my favourites. This lipstick is absolutely gorgeous and it is like a pale purple colour. This lipstick looks so pretty on and can be worn on almost any occasion and that is why it is one of my favourites. Its a little bit darker than a nude lipstick which I honestly much prefer. This can be worn to work or school but can also be worn on special occasions.
*Rating- 4/5*

Dark Night Waterl-oops! 380- Another one of my favourites, this lipstick is a dark plum colour and is really quite a statement lipstick. I love wearing dark lipsticks and I often wear this lipstick with a purple, silver and black smoked eye look. This lipstick is bold yet beautiful! It is super pigmented which is amazing as you do not need to apply it hard, the dark plum is shown as soon as the lipstick touches your lips (which doesn’t necessarily give much room for error), therefore I would recommend using a  lip liner before applying it.
*Rating 4/5*

Diva Red 500- this lipstick is my go to lipstick in the Summer! It pretty much suits every skin tone and has a lovely orange tinge to it. This lipstick looks lovely when worn with a summery dress or anything denim! You can really rock this lipstick! It isn’t really a dark red and therefore that is why I mostly wear it in summer months. I like to wear this lipstick with gold eye-shadow and this lipstick looks lovely if you have a nice summer tan! It is also highly pigmented! Sometimes wearing a red lipstick can feel quite daring as red is definitely a statement colour, so this shade is lovely to try out first if you don’t normally wear red lipstick and feel a bit nervous about doing so.
*Rating 4/5*


Lasting Finish By Kate 43 & 45- I will be talking about these Lipsticks together as they are both from the same collection and are pretty similar. These lipsticks are part of Kate Moss’ most recent collection that was launched in 2015. These lipsticks have a lovely chic and sophisticated look to them and I only wear these when I am going for a natural look. 43 is a pale, brown colour and 45 is a pale pink colour. They do feel really soft on your lips too. Now these lipsticks claim to be Long Lasting but personally I don’t find that they last very long throughout the day and they needed to be reapplied quite a lot, I would say the colour fades after about 2 hours and they aren’t very pigmented either meaning that you have to press them on your lips quite hard for the colour to show. These two shades best suit someone that has pale skin and once on they do look very pretty! But would I dare to go bare? with these lipsticks again? Probably not. Although I do want to get my hands on the darker shades in this collection. 
*Rating- 3/5*


So there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and has inspired you to try any of the lipsticks that I have mentioned above. Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments what lipsticks you love to wear!

R-T x


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