Favourite Foundation, Finally!


I have finally found a new foundation that I love! And it is the L’Oreal True Match foundation. (And it has a pump, phew)

At the bottom of the bottle it says “Perfectly matches skin colour and texture” and that is honestly the truest statement ever. I have always struggled to find a foundation that matches my skin tone. I have a very pale skin tone and one of the biggest problems I have had is that even the lightest shades in foundation are often too dark for me and my face constantly looks a different colour to my neck. Most foundations I have tried have left my face looking rather orange but I have more of a pink complexion.

This foundation left my face looking very smooth overall and very healthy looking. It gave me a healthy glow and doesn’t feel too heavy on your face. I hate foundations that make you feel caked. This foundation also worked well at covering my spots and blemishes and is super blendable! This foundation claims to give 24hr hydration, now I do find that this foundation is quite hydrating and my skin doesn’t feel dry during or after I have worn it, however; I haven’t actually worn this foundation for 24hrs. I did actually where this foundation for 13hrs and to be perfectly honest I was quit surprised that most of it was still on at the end of the day and with just a bit of a touch up it would have looked flawless again.
I decided to wear this foundation without primer to see how good it really was. I have super oily skin and yet my T zone didn’t begin to look shiny until about 5 hours after wearing it so that was really good! I also was out in the rain and the foundation didn’t even go patchy.


I will continue to purchase this foundation as it has everything I have been looking for! FINALLY. And I am very satisfied with it. My skin was left with a flawless finish. You can get this foundation from any drugstore but I purchased mine from Boots for £10. I hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what foundation you would suggest that I try out! Thank you for reading.

*Rating- 5/5*

R-T x


2 thoughts on “Favourite Foundation, Finally!

  1. FINALLY someone said it – I really needed to know if this foundation was any good for oily skin. I have combination skin actually, but when I wear makeup my skin goes oily because it can’t breathe (I guess? Idk), and I was looking for a foundation that could minimize this effect.
    Thank you!

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