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I recently purchased these two shower creams by Imperial Leather from Boots. They were both on sale for £1! I do love a good bargain, especially on bath and shower products. (Although I didn’t actually pay for these, I used my boots advantage points).
I decided to purchase the Camomile & Bamboo Milk shower cream from the Classic range and the Marshmallow shower cream from the Sweets range.


Camomile & Bamboo Milk- this shower cream is very soothing and has a very creamy texture. It has a lovely fresh and a subtle, floral type sweet scent. There is also a subtle hint of perfume in this shower cream which gives it its fresh scent. Whilst using it in the shower the smell is quite strong and very refreshing. After you have showered the scent doesn’t seem to stay on your skin which is a little disappointing. This shower cream does leave your skin feeling very smooth and moisturised so that is definitely beneficial, especially if you are someone who doesn’t use body lotion as much as you should (like myself).
*Rating- 5/10*

Marshmallow- this shower cream is absolutely lovely! It has a gorgeous sweet scent but not your typical fruity scent. Although it has a strong sweet scent its definitely not as overpowering as most shower creams. This shower cream also has a hint of perfume in it. This is a lovely, comforting shower cream and is perfect to use at a time when you want to relax and wind down. It is similar to the Camomile & Bamboo Milk shower cream as it also leaves your skin feeling very smooth and it also feels very creamy. Unfortunately, the amazing scent this shower cream gives off also disappears quite quickly and you are unable to smell it on your skin afterwards, but this shower cream does give you a very pleasurable shower experience. I would purchase this shower cream again and I am really looking forward to trying the other sweet scents that Imperial Leather sell.
*Rating- 7/10*

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Have you tried Imperial Leather’s Sweet Scents? I was rather excited when they brought out this range! Thank you for reading.

R-T x


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