Pandora is a girl’s best friend…

Below is the Pandora jewellery that I currently own and I thought I would talk you through them. I will mostly be talking about Pandora charms in this post.

I find that Pandora jewellery is often quite girly and most charms aren’t really my cup of tea, therefore, I decided to go for a black and silver theme with my charm bracelet. Mostly because a lot of the stuff I wear isn’t girly and I find the colour black goes with basically everything!
I currently have 1 charm bracelet with 5 charms and a ring. I have very mixed opinions on Pandora jewellery and I find I either love or loathe some of their pieces. I am very picky and fussy when choosing jewellery!
I do think that Pandora is a bit too expensive but if you build up a charm bracelet gradually over a few years is doesn’t end up being too pricey, especially if the charms are bought for you as gifts.
Each charm bracelet is unique to the person who wears it and that’s why they are so great. Pandora also have a wide range of jewellery that caters for almost everybody!


This is my charm bracelet. From left to right I have the December Signature Heart Birthstone Charm, the Openwork Enamel Flower Charm, the Black Faceted Murano Charm, the Floral Heart Padlock Openwork Charm and the Black Pave Ball Charm.


I received the December Birthstone Charm for my 19th birthday from my parents. It is absolutely beautiful and the only charm that I have that has a bit of colour on it. Although I wasn’t intentionally going to have any charms with colour, I could not resist this one! It’s a lovely and elegant heart shape with a turquoise stone in the middle. When this charm is sat amongst the others, the turquoise colour looks very subtle! I really wanted a piece of jewellery that had my birthstone in but I wasn’t particularly fond of Pandora’s birthstone rings, so I was thrilled when they brought out birthstone charms! (Why couldn’t my birthstone colour have been black?) This charm is £35.

I received the Openwork Enamel Floral Charm from my boyfriend’s parents for my 18th birthday and it is just gorgeous! The detail is lovely and the reason I love this charm so much is because it matches my Pandora ring (which I will come on to in a bit). The flower on this charm is adorable and very unique! This charm is £55.


I received the Black Faced Murano Charm with the silver bracelet for my 18th birthday from my parents and it is the statement charm that sets of the theme. It’s a very basic charm but it really makes a good centre piece as it is larger than the other charms and really completes the whole bracelet. This charm is great to start off a charm bracelet as it still looks very nice as a stand alone charm. This charm is £35 and the bracelet is £55.

I received the Floral Heart Padlock Openwork Charm for Christmas in 2014 from my boyfriend. It is probably my favourite charm and it makes a great gift for a loved one as it combines everything a girl would want. It’s heart shaped, has a padlock and is covered in flowers, just beautiful! The detail in this charm is amazing and the charm is so elegant and classy. This charm is £40.

I received the Black Pave Ball Charm for my 18th birthday from my cousin. It is very subtle, basic but stunning! It stands out as it is mostly black but also allows the more detailed charms to pop! I love this charm as it is very different to the others! This charm is £55.


Now on to my Mystic Floral Ring that I received from my boyfriend for my 18th birthday. This ring is very special to me and I wear it constantly! This is probably my favourite piece of jewellery that I own. It is very delicate and beautiful looking. The little jewel in the middle of the flower is just adorable. The flower is actually more black in person and as you can see it matches my bracelet because of the colour and especially matches my Openwork Enamel Floral Charm. It is just gorgeous and again quite subtle. This ring also looks amazing when worn with black nail polish! Just saying. Did I mention I like black? This ring is £45.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know what Pandora jewellery you have/want and what theme your charm bracelet has!

By the way, the charms for this year’s Valentines charm collection are gorgeous, I’m just not too fussed on their Valentines ring collection. Have you seen this year’s Valentines range?

R-T x


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