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I often find it hard to purchase bath bombs. Of course Lush bath bombs are my favourite but I find it difficult to purchase Lush bath bombs since I don’t actually live near a Lush shop. Now, I know that a lot of people order Lush products online but I just really don’t understand their website! Yikes. So, I decided to go for an alternative option and I purchased these bath bombs from Amazon for £9.99 but they actually come from Bomb Cosmetics.

I think that £9.99 for 6 baths bombs is a reasonable price, that works out at about £1.60 per bath bomb! (That’s if you can avoid paying P&P)

I will not be talking about these bombs individually and that’s because they are pretty much all the same (little bit annoying.) These bath bombs all have a gorgeous lavender scent which I love a lot. I find that lavender scents are very relaxing, calming and help you to wind down after a long day.

These bath bombs were packaged in a cute, little, white box and I got to be fair the bombs themselves look gorgeous! They look so cute and pretty but they don’t really leave the bath looking any different. These bath bombs don’t really leave much colour in the water other than a kind of off white colour (which kind of makes the bath look like it has pee in).



All of these bombs leave the water feeling extremely creamy! My skin also felt really soft and creamy for a few hours after my bath and the lavender scent also stayed on my skin, yasssssss! The bath bombs that contain real flowers (which I assume are lavender) are great and when the bath bomb has fizzed away there are quite a lot of those flowers left in the water (I’d say about 10) but these are quite annoying because obviously they do not wash down the drain so you have to gather them all out of the drain (bit of a chore).


Now I will just say that these bath bombs are a lot smaller than they look on the photos! I was actually quite surprised when they were delivered at how small they were so, if you prefer large bath bombs these might be a little bit disappointing!

*Rating- 6/10*

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if there are any bath bombs you would recommend let me know in the comments!

R-T x


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