Jelly Belly


I had these Jelly Belly candles for my birthday and they are highly fragranced candles so they are very over powering. The Jelly Belly candles are all very sweet scented. These two are my favourite from the Jelly Belly collection and the are called Toasted Marshmallow and Bubblegum. I personally love candles that are strong scented because I like to be able to smell them when I walk around the house or when I’m just sat in my room. The decoration of these candles are really bright and colourful looking. I think they look very pretty. They are not expensive candles but they are very good and last a long time! You can get these from Asda for £3.99 each.


Toasted Marshmallow is my favourite. It smells very sweet and reminds me of the smell you get when baking. It’s a lot like Toasted Marshmallow by Yankee Candle. I love scents that are sweet. I love lighting this candle when I’m chilling out. It’s the perfect scent to use when having a bubble bath or reading a book. I like to light this candle after a stressful or busy day. It has a very soothing and dreamy scent. This candle is honestly so good for the price!

*Rating- 10/10*


Now the type of “sweet” scents I like are more along the lines of vanilla/gingerbread/cookies etc… And this is the type of sweet scent that I am not particularly fond of. There’s nothing I can really say about this candle other than the fact it smells exactly like bubblegum (of course it does, that’s what it’s called?) But honestly its not at all subtle so if you like bubblegum scents then this candle is for you! This one is too overpowering for me just because I’m not a fan of the scent. I normally don’t light this one for too long, just usually whilst I am getting ready to go out.

*Rating- 4/10*

Let me know what candles you would recommend! And have anyone tried these scents?

R-T x


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