Revolution Lipsticks

Here are 3 Revolution lipsticks that I am absolutely loving. These lipsticks are such a good value for money and I highly recommend them. Revolution do some great colours in their lipstick range!

I bought Make Me Tonight and Vice from Superdrug and they were only £1 each! Bargain. I ordered the Make It In The City lipstick from Superdrug online for £2.49 and unfortunately the colour was not what I expected as it did look somewhat different to how it did online. Nonetheless it is still a very pretty colour! They are all highly pigmented and the colours are just amazing! You do have to reapply them a few times through out the day and they also come off quite easily when you eat/drink but i’m sure that is expected considering they aren’t exactly expensive. They feel very light on the lips which I like a lot!


Make Me Tonight is my favourite and it can actually been worn in a few ways. Apply lightly and the lipstick looks like a dark purple colour, apply a little more and the lipstick looks like a dark brown colour, apply a lot and the lipstick looks almost black! You can totally alter the way you wear this lipstick to whether you are going for a more subtle dark colour or a really vibrant dark colour! It is a very bold and edgy looking lipstick and it really does stand out.

*Rating- 7/10


I was feeling pretty daring when purchasing the Vice lipstick, I mean c’mon, it’s orange?! But I got to be fair, I love it! This lipstick works really well when wearing a subtle, nude eye-makeup look and this lipstick allows your lips to just POP. It can make a subtle look, look really quirky. It’s vibrant, fun and just makes you feel that little bit brighter! But if orange isn’t really your thing, when applied lightly this lipstick makes a great, brighter, nude type tone for those who find nude lipsticks a little bit too light. Its definitely worth a try and makes a good “trial and error” because of how amazingly low priced it is!

*Rating- 7/10*


Now, Make It In The City lipstick isn’t particularly my favourite and that is purely because its too pink for my liking. Like I have said previously, it doesn’t really look like it did on the website.


This is the image on the website.

Anyway, this lipstick is in the Revolutions more pricey range, (if you can even call £2.49 pricey?) and comes in beautiful, rose gold packaging. The lipstick doesn’t need to be reapplied as frequently as Make Me Tonight or Vice and it feels very soft and moisturising on the lips.

*Rating- 7/10*

I hope this blog has inspired you to try more vibrant and bold colours! Let me know what vibrant and bold lipsticks are your favourite!

R-T x


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