Real Techniques Brushes

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So I recently started using Real Techniques makeup brushes.
I have the Real Techniques Core Collection kit and the Starter kit.
I also have the Expert Face Brush and the sponge.

Over all, all the products are really good!

The kits are priced at £21.99 each in Superdrug and Boots; however, I bought mine on amazon! I actually paid £5 for my Core Collection kit because amazon often do big sales on Real Techniques brushes. The Core Collection kit is currently £15.18 on amazon and the starter kit is £18.82 (I paid £15.99 when I purchased the Starter Kit). Both kits also come with a case.

I purchased the Expert Face Brush from Superdrug and paid £9.99 for it (this is currently on amazon for £5.99) and this brush can be used for pretty much anything! I like to use this brush for applying foundation.

*Expert face brush rating- 7/10*

The Real Techniques sponge is amazing and I highly recommend it! I paid £2.99 for it in a sale at Superdrug but it normally retails at £3.99. Now, since buying this sponge I have stopped using all my brushes in the core collection kit (other than my buffing brush which I use to powder) because the sponge is amazing for applying foundation and so easy to use! I would suggest trying out the sponge before splashing out on the Core Collection kit. The sponge is also super easy to clean!

TIP: to avoid wasting foundation when using the sponge, soak the sponge first in warm water and then squeeze all of the water out, this expands the sponge and avoids a build up of foundation inside the sponge, therefore no foundation is wasted. (I learned the hard way)

*Sponge rating- 10/10*


From top to bottom:

1. Detailer brush
2. Buffing brush
3. Contour brush
4. Essential foundation brush
5. Expert face brush

Of these brushes the essential foundation brush is my favourite and this is really good for applying foundation around the nose and areas where I have spots. This brush is actually advised to be used to put foundation over your whole face but I found that this takes far too long to do since the brush is quite small so I prefer to use it in more trickier areas.

The expert brush is also really good for applying foundation over all of your face (as mentioned above).

The detailer brush I actually use to apply a thin line of eye-shadow in my eye crease and it creates a really nice shadow.

The buffing brush I use for my powder and it is good as it doesn’t slap it on and make your face look too powdery.

*Core collection kit rating- 6/10*


From top to bottom:

1. Deluxe Crease brush
2. Accent brush
3. Base Shadow brush
4. Brow brush
5. Fine liner brush

This Real Techniques starter kit is very good!! I can apply my eye shadow much more easier, quicker and my eye shadow definitely looks more neat. I actually use these brushes how they are supposed to be used. The only ones I have failed to use are the brow brush and fine liner brush.

*Starter kit rating 7.5/10*

I hope this blog has helped you in any way!

R-T x


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